Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Currently Loving: The MoMA Store

I love this Desk Tower from the MoMA store.  The simple shape and rich 
colors remind me of building blocks that you would have had as a child. 
This one, you could actually have out at work though and not get funny 
looks.  The only drawback is that you can't completely restack it while 
still using it because the pencil cup is upsidedown, but that can be 
worked around. 

Another great find from the MoMA store is real live Colorforms.  They have 
an exact replica of the original book put out in the 50s that brings back 
kindergarten completely.  Not just a toy for kids, though the fact that 
you can peel and stick them to the book or windows or anything shiny 
without destroying anything, they're also good for sitting back and 
getting the creative juices flowing without a big cleanup.

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